Oh geeze have I been slacking lately! Been busy but everything is all good! Baron has been a happy seizure-free boy since August 6th. I’m so proud of him and he’s doing his best and pushing through. A best friend of mine and her adorable Miniature Pinscher (I know I spelt that wrong) came down to visit and spent the night with us. Baron doesn’t mind at all and was such a good little host! This is actually a big deal for us since it’s something different in his routine, something new and he didn’t even get twitchy.. he was just fine! Next weekend Baron, Corgi Emma, mom and I are going camping in Julian. I’m pretty excited and I think he’ll love it! Image


Another Little Update!

I know.. boring title! Hey, not all my titles can be fun and witty– they’re hard to think of! Well Baron has been going strong and doing so much better this week! He gets little tiny petit mal (mild little twitching in the face) seizures but nothing more. For breakfast and dinner he still gets his awesome roasted chicken and gravy, and yes my dog eats better than I do! He also had a little neighborhood girl that was much smaller than Baron, walk him around today. He loves kids, he just walks politely at their side and never goes ahead of them or pulls.. such a good boy! So he’s just a happy go lucky guy right now and I couldn’t be happier with that! 

Stay classy Baron’s followers!Image

What a Great Day!

Today was a long day filled with Greyhounds! First of all I had to work the morning shift at the rescue for about 3 hours.. I come home to the blinds in my room on the floor and shredded. Thank you Baron, glad you got into interior design. But let’s skip to the fun part– every month our rescue has a walk for the Greyhounds.. so our volunteers will usually take dogs at the rescue and a large group of hounds walk around the lake. I love seeing them being dogs and out of the rescue! Baron loved to see all of his old rescue friends! It made me very happy to see him have a good time reuniting with all the awesome volunteers that also loved and supported him. So yay for such a good day! Stay classy Baron’s followers!Image

What a Roller Coaster!

Wow what a long week it has been! It’s been very up and down for Baron.. he really tries to hang in there. He still has his partial seizures through out the day and even though it really worries me he comes back and continues to enjoy his day. He had a pretty good one today.. he was pretty much ok to go on his walk so we did a fairly short one and close by the house.. some twitching, otherwise he loved saying hi to his neighbors! I knew if we missed another walk he would be pissed like he was last night and wake me up at 5 am and keep me up as revenge. He won that round! So friends, that’s about all we got for today, I need to figure out how to contort myself tonight since Baron has about 98% of the bed right now. Anywho– Stay classy Baron’s followers!Image

Step by Step

Hey everybody! Well, Baron is hanging in there and staying as strong as he can but you can tell it’s a huge struggle. All day today he’s been having partial seizures.. which is like severe twitching in the face and spacing out, it looks exactly how he does if he’s about to go in to an actual seizure (grand mal seizure) but without the laying on the ground and having it effect his whole body. These are still seizures, they just don’t effect the whole body.. more like the face and the neck. Geeze I’m boring.. sorry if i put you to sleep yet! In a way it’s sad.. he loves to be in the yard, and he played with his corgi sister as best he could and had a blast but these partial seizures would get in the way of him finally having fun this week. He was also very upset we didn’t go for our evening walk.. if he’s doing this bad, I don’t risk by taking him away from the house. But, he had his turkey burgers with chicken broth for dinner, romped in the yard, and is now turned in for the night and deep asleep on my lap. So this was fairly a quick update.. not too much going on, just wanted to share the latest and that he is trying very hard– he’s a trooper! Keeping positive everyday and together, him and I can do anything. He needs my support as much as I need him. We’re a team. Okay, well you stay classy Baron’s followers!Image

The Battle Continues..

Man are we having problems! I brought Baron home from urgent care today.. he did well last night, vet said he was very alert and no seizures at all–yay! I was so happy to see him, I know it was one night but it was a long one night! He greeted me by throwing his front paws over my shoulders and lots of greyhound kisses. He hopped right in the car, we got home and he couldn’t have been happier to be running around in his own yard and playing with his corgi sister Emma! But throughout the day he got very twitchy in the face.. always a bad sign (no duh!) and later on this evening he had a very severe and long seizure. It’s rare for him to actually have a fairly mild seizure which is why I use “severe” a lot.. cause they are! After all of the seizure preventatives and what not pumped through his system at the vet I was really hoping he would be just fine and dandy today. So it’s been a long and difficult week. Poor guy just can’t seem to catch a break– we have no clue what makes him go in to these either, they just happen. So I hope to get a little sleep tonight, praying he will get a good sleep with no bad interruptions. Staying positive! You stay classy Baron’s followersImage  

Loooong day

Basically after I posted my last entry Baron collapsed in to a seizure. That was the start of pretty much an all nighter. His seizures were way off pattern for him, and numerous times through the night and very very early morning they continued. Later in the day he had a seizure that lasted two minutes. So I had to get him to urgent care.. long story short he is spending the night there. I miss him so much! He was my little sleep buddy and would sleep in my lap or at my side. I know it hasn’t been long but I miss him and want him home. Also the wonderful lady that does his reiki (sorry I don’t like to say names on here unless I have their approval) but she made time just for Baron to have a reiki session– that made my day to think that someone would do that for him.. to take time out of their busy schedule to help him. Anyway, I am tired and work at the kennel in the morning and I’ve had zero sleep! Woo!! Aright, you stay classy Baron’s followers!Image